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Yealink Cam50


Yealink Cam50
USB camera for T58V and T58A

Product Code: CAM50 Category


Yealink Cam50
USB camera for T58V and T58A

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Yealink PSU PoE Injector for CP960 / CP965 Conference Phone


SIP conference phone for medium to large rooms
OS based on Android 9.0 for familiar interface
12 built-in microphones for 360° pickup out to 20ft
1 extra built-in microphone for noise cancellation
802.11a/b/g/n Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 4.2 support
Hybrid UC meeting support for device integration
Decagon Meeting Room technology for 10-way conference calls
5″ HD touchscreen display for ease of use
Noise Proof technology for background noise reduction
Can daisy chain up to 3 additional CP965 conference phones
Support for CPW25 or CPW65 extension microphones (not included)