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Location Add-on


Annual Subscription per location per year

Product Code: WP-Location-SaaS Category


Annual Subscription per location per year

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Measure Room Environment and Comfort
Temperature, Humidity, Light, CO2, and TVOC
4.2-inch Black & White E-Ink Screen
Vivid Emoticon Indication
Equipped with Traffic LED and Buzzer Alarm
IP30 Rated / NFC Enabled
Power: 4 *  2700 mAh ER14505 Li-SOCI2 Battery or 5V/1A by Type-C Port


Room People Counting & Auto Release
AI Vision Identification Technology
Recognition Range: 6 * 8 ㎡
Recognition Rate: 95%
Equipped with Wi-Fi for Web Configuration
Power: TypeC 5V/1.5A